Festive Tropical Trifle

The traditional trifle gets a makeover with this tropical version which combines a coconut custard with panettone (Italian sweet bread) and fresh mangoes. And what would a trifle be without a little booze, so in keeping with the tropical theme we have used white rum. This luscious dessert is perfect for your Christmas table, and can be made the day before so all that needs to be done on the big day is to tuck in and enjoy.

Ingredients (serves 6-8):
300g panettone (found in most supermarkets around Christmas time)
¼ cup white rum
¼ cup pineapple juice
2 large mangoes, peeled and flesh cut into cubes
200ml thickened cream
½ cup sugar
4 eggs
¼ cup cornflour
270ml can coconut cream
1 cup milk, heated

To decorate: fruit (passionfruit, cherries, strawberries, etc), toasted coconut

1. First make the custard: Using a balloon whisk, whisk together the sugar, eggs and cornflour in a medium saucepan. Whisk in the heated milk followed by the coconut cream and place over a medium heat. Whisk constantly until the mixture boils, then allow to boil for 2 minutes or until thick, continuing to whisk. Allow to cool.
2. While the custard is cooling, cut the panettone into cubes and place in the serving bowl. Combine the white rum and the pineapple juice, sprinkle over the panettone and toss well. Top with most of the mango.
3. When the custard is cool, pour it evenly over the mango. Refrigerate until completely cold.
4. Whip the cream until soft peaks form. Spread over the top of the custard. Decorate with the remaining mango and additional fruit as desired and toasted coconut.
5. Cover and refrigerate until ready to eat.

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