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Recipe: Passionfruit & Lime Butter

Noosa Foodie loves seasonal cooking. On the Sunshine Coast we are currently enjoying an abundance of late summer fruit. My lime tree is full of fruit, and whilst my passionfruit vine is yet to yield, passionfruit are-a-plenty at the Noosa Farmers Market. So when life gives you passionfruit and limes, I say “make Passionfruit & Lime Butter”!

Passionfruit & Limes

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Recipe: Cumquat Marmalade

At this time of year around Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, Cumquat trees are busting with ripe fruit. Many suburban homes have cumquat trees in their gardens as an ornamental, but sadly the fruit is left to rot as it is too tart for most people to eat.  However, cumquats make fantastic marmalade – the perfect way to use that cumquat crop that you didn’t know what to do with.

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