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Hot Smoked, Rum Soaked Salmon with Mango Salsa

Smoking salmon is easier than you think – all you need is a hooded barbecue and a little patience for the curing process. This dish is a winner is you’re having friends for lunch or dinner, as it can be fully prepared the day before. Quantities can easily be increased and this method can be used to smoke other oily fish varieties such as ocean trout, mackerel, tuna and swordfish. The Mango Salsa pairs wonderfully with the smoked salmon, but if you’re feeling lazy garnish with finger lime pearls, currently in season and available at Noosa Farmers Market.

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Recipe: Ceviche (Lime Marinated Fish Salad)

Ceviche is a marinated fish dish where citrus juice (usually lime) “cooks” the fish. It is a poplar dish in Southern and Central America, as well as the Pacific Islands where it is known as Kokoda and coconut milk or cream is added. I love this dish when the weather is warm, as it is refreshing, low fat and healthy. Plus I can get all the ingredients I need from the Noosa Farmers’ Market, many from my own garden!


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Recipe: Barbequed Barramundi with Pineapple Salsa

The Sunshine Coast is pineapple country and locals and visitors can enjoy the sweetest of pineapples at a fraction of the price that city dwellers pay. Because they are readily available all year round, I normally have one sitting in my fruit bowl and enjoy using them in my cooking in a variety of ways.  This recipe came to fruition because I am currently on a fairly strict eating regime (a Spring detox) and wanted something fresh and tasty for dinner, as an alternative to the heavy lentil curries and brown rice dishes I have been eating for the past week. Pineapples are gorgeous in a salsa, and marry really well with fresh chilli and mint.

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