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Prosciutto Wrapped Fillet of Pork

This dish is a winner in our Italian Long Lunch cooking class, and what’s not to love about pork tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto, flavoured with fresh herbs and oven roasted with white wine and cherry tomatoes? Like all Italian cooking, the success of this dish depends on quality ingredients: free range pork (preferably from a female pig), fresh herbs, good extra virgin olive oil, decent wine (only cook with wine good enough to drink) and a quality salt such as Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes (scroll down for a chance to win a gourmet pack of Murray River Salt goodies). This dish is delicious served with our Panzanella Salad of Mixed Tomatoes.

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Smoky Kale Chips

We’re a pretty healthy bunch here in Noosa: with such an abundance of locally grown fresh produce, it’s not exactly difficult. Kale, once thought of as a disinteresting vegetable and now the superstar of leafy greens, grows very well in our climate and is easily found at the Noosa Farmers Market or most local greengrocers. Or if you’re a keen vegetable gardener (like me), you can often find yourself with a glut. Solution? Make Kale chips.

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Frozen Mango Yoghurt

Mangoes are in season and although the majority of them are coming from the Northern Territory presently, it won’t be long before we’ll be eating Queensland mangoes. When mangoes are in abundance and inexpensive as they are now, I say make the most of them any way you can in your cooking. I devised this recipe the other day, as I had a fruit bowl full of mangoes and a large tub of beautiful local yoghurt from Maleny Dairies* in the fridge which needed to be finished up.

Maleny Dairies yoghurt

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Food, Wine & Fun in the Sun at the Noosa International Food & Wine Festival

As an avid foodie, I love a good food festival. But having Australia’s premier food event just around the corner from where I live is a foodie’s dream come true! If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the 2012 Noosa International Food & Wine Festival last weekend, picture this: amazing food, gorgeous wines, a line-up of some of the best chefs in the world and first class entertainment in a stunning location.

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Gourmet Fare at the Country Fair

Normally a fairly sleepy town, Kenilworth was bustling on Easter Saturday. And with good reason – not only was it a gloriously warm and sunny day, Easter Saturday was the day of the Kenilworth Cheese Wine and Food Fest.

Kenilworth Cheese Wine & Food Fest

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Produce Profile: Finger Limes

The fingerlime is a native Australian bushfood, which provides a unique taste sensation. If you haven’t tried a finger lime before, you’re in for a treat with your first taste! Known also as “citrus caviar”, the interior pulp of the finger lime has a roe like appearance which “pop” as you eat them, releasing a fresh burst of lime juice into your mouth.

Finger Lime

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Organika offers something for everyone

I’m fortunate to live within walking distance of Queensland’s premium organic grocer and café par excellence, Organika. Located on Weyba Road Noosaville, Organika is owned and operated by brothers Josh and Kris Barry, who have many years of experience in the hospitality industry and the fresh produce market as well as boutique fine foods. Organika’s tagline is “a passion for organics” and Josh and Kris are committed to quality and purity in supplying organically honest produce.

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What’s in Season – September

Here in Noosa we are fortunate to enjoy a wide range of fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables all the year around. A wander around the Noosa Farmers’ Market on a Sunday morning will confirm this.  I am a big advocate of seasonal eating, and with such an array of fresh local produce, there really is no excuse not to plan your meals and menus around the fruit and vegetables that are currently in season. If you need further convincing, here are 10 benefits of eating seasonally and locally grown produce:

1. Produce that is in season locally is at its optimum taste.
2. Better health benefits for you – produce is higher in nutritional value when it is fresh and hasn’t been stored or transported over long distances.
3. In-season produce is at its least expensive.
4. Buying locally and seasonally is better for the environment – less air-miles for the produce to travel.
5. Local, seasonal produce lasts longer.
6. You won’t need to go on a wild goose chase to find what you are looking for – seasonal produce is readily available!
7. Food safety reasons – the fewer steps there are between your food’s source and your table the less chance there is of contamination.
8. Buying locally grown produce supports the local economy.
9. Deprivation leads to appreciation – think how fantastic that first peach of the season tastes!
10. Eating seasonally encourages you to try different foods and experiment in the kitchen.

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Tea on the Terrace

Newly opened and a welcome addition to Gympie Terrace is Metal Tiger Tea Emporium. Specialising in teas from around the world, this teahouse is a new concept for Noosa.

The view from Metal Tiger Tea Emporium

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Congratulations to Spanner Crabs Noosa!

Our very own Spanner Crabs Noosa has picked up two awards in the prestigious 2011 Produce Awards. Now in their sixth year, the Produce Awards encourage, showcase and reward Australia’s top producers in categories including “From the Earth”, “From the Dairy”, “From the Paddock”, “From the Sea” and “Artisan”.

Noosa Spanner Crabs was recognised as one of three medallists in the “From the Sea” category for their raw crabmeat, and was inducted into the new “Hall of Fame Awards” category which recognises consistent excellence.

All producers who entered the awards were shortlisted by a panel of Australia’s leading chefs from around the nation before being presented to the national judges – Matt Moran, Philip Johnson, Cheong Liew, Alla Wolf-Tasker, and Maggie Beer, patron of the Produce Awards.

Congratulations Spanner Crabs Noosa – we’re proud of you!