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Smoky Kale Chips

We’re a pretty healthy bunch here in Noosa: with such an abundance of locally grown fresh produce, it’s not exactly difficult. Kale, once thought of as a disinteresting vegetable and now the superstar of leafy greens, grows very well in our climate and is easily found at the Noosa Farmers Market or most local greengrocers. Or if you’re a keen vegetable gardener (like me), you can often find yourself with a glut. Solution? Make Kale chips.

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Santa Fe Salad

The barbeque season has well and truly kicked off, with temperatures soaring well into the 30’s already in Noosa. Barbequing is a way of life here, and while meat often plays the starring role, I like to ensure that there is a diverse selection of salads served for the non-carnivores. This is a salad I created recently, which uses barbequed corn, the only way to prepare corn in my humble opinion! It’s a pretty, colourful and satisfying salad and goes beautifully with barbequed chicken or salmon.

Santa Fe Salad

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Recipe: Veggie Skewers with a Lemon Herb Marinade

The barbeque season has not officially started, but no matter how chilly the weather is, I like to grill all the year round. Food just seems to taste better when cooked on the barbeque!  Barbequing vegetables definitely enhances their flavour, and these Veggie Skewers are proof of that.  Marinated in a lemon herb marinade, these skewers will be a winner at your next gathering. You can vary the vegetables depending on what you like and what’s in season – cherry tomatoes and finger eggplants work well. But don’t leave out the haloumi cheese – it’s the best part! If you’re a Noosa local, try the award winning Cedar Creek Buffalo Haloumi, available from the Noosa Farmers’ Market every Sunday.

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