Product Profile: Lime Salt

Living in Noosa I am lucky enough to have access to a wide range of interesting and innovative local products. One such product is Lime Salt, made by Suncoast Limes. This totally natural product is made using the highest quality Australian sea salt and limes grown on the Suncoast Lime orchard at Tandur, about 40 minutes west of Noosa. No additives whatsoever are used in this product, which always gets a big tick from me.

The Suncoast Limes orchard is located at Tandur, about 40 minutes west of Noosa, on the foothills of Mt Boulder National Park.   With its deep rich sandy loam soils, pure mountain springs and abundant natural rainfall, it is the perfect place to grow limes, which in my humble opinion are the best on the Coast, if not Australia. Owners Daniel and Linda are committed to quality, and this is reflected in all their products which range from cordial and marmalade to preserved limes and lollies. Some of their products are used in a number of top local restaurants.

Beautifully presented in a square glass grinder, Lime Salt complements numerous foods and dishes, including seafood, chicken, salads and Asian dishes. One of my favourite ways to use Lime Salt is ground over mashed avocado on sourdough toast – heavenly. During my cooking classes, I have it on the table as a condiment for participants to enjoy with the meal, and it always evokes lots of “oohs” and “aahs”.

Each 75g jar of Lime Salt uses at least 7 limes, and due to the time and effort involved in producing the product it is only made in small batches. So you are unlikely find this on your supermarket shelf! You can buy Lime Salt at the Suncoast Limes stall at Noosa Farmers Market every Sunday, as well as Eumundi Markets on Saturdays. It is also available through a small number of selected stores locally, including Belmondos at Rene Street Noosaville. If you’re not a local, you can purchase this product direct through Suncoast Limes.

The Suncoast Limes stall at Noosa Farmers Market

Suncoast Limes

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