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What’s in Season – September

Here in Noosa we are fortunate to enjoy a wide range of fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables all the year around. A wander around the Noosa Farmers’ Market on a Sunday morning will confirm this.  I am a big advocate of seasonal eating, and with such an array of fresh local produce, there really is no excuse not to plan your meals and menus around the fruit and vegetables that are currently in season. If you need further convincing, here are 10 benefits of eating seasonally and locally grown produce:

1. Produce that is in season locally is at its optimum taste.
2. Better health benefits for you – produce is higher in nutritional value when it is fresh and hasn’t been stored or transported over long distances.
3. In-season produce is at its least expensive.
4. Buying locally and seasonally is better for the environment – less air-miles for the produce to travel.
5. Local, seasonal produce lasts longer.
6. You won’t need to go on a wild goose chase to find what you are looking for – seasonal produce is readily available!
7. Food safety reasons – the fewer steps there are between your food’s source and your table the less chance there is of contamination.
8. Buying locally grown produce supports the local economy.
9. Deprivation leads to appreciation – think how fantastic that first peach of the season tastes!
10. Eating seasonally encourages you to try different foods and experiment in the kitchen.

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Noosa Farmers Market, a Sunday morning ritual

In the early hours of Sunday mornings long before most of us are out of bed, there’s a buzz of activity at the AFL carpark on Weyba Road Noosaville, where 75 or so local farmers, growers and producers are busily setting up their stalls in preparation for the weekly Noosa Farmers Market.

Early morning, before the crowds arrive

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